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New Thought Music

What happens at a Heart Of Praise concert?


What does it mean to have a Heart of Praise?

When my personal spiritual journey led me to writing for New Thought congregations, it lit a fire in me to heal the message in church music that told me I was separate from God - sinful and unworthy.   I started writing to remind people that they are whole, loved, worthy, strong, and bright.  What better way to do it than to hear yourself sing those words to yourself everyday?  

I decided to transform what I knew as contemporary praise & worship music and expand it: In praise of Life .. In praise of Love .. in praise of unity and inclusivity .. in praise of all the good that lives and breathes as us every day.  To me, singing is a spiritual practice, and there is so much to lift our voices in gratitude and praise of.  The songs on "Heart Of Praise Vol. 1" are the music and the message I have to share from my own heart.

As an album, Heart Of Praise is a collection of songs to sing as a congregation. As an event, Heart of Praise creates an immersive experience where spiritual communities come together to lift each other up by singing together.  The room breathes .. the love is palpable .. the sound is holy.  Every person there is supposed to be there, and the moment being created is called into being by their voices.  It's amazing, and my heart pours out its thankfulness every time.

Heart of Praise concerts fit any size spiritual community, or event.  You can choose to book Denise's band, or use your own musicians.  No community is too small.   Heart of Praise is the perfect event for bringing multiple spiritual communities together under one roof.

To book a Heart Of Praise event at your church, or Center, contact us.

Purchase the album now! CD, USB, and songbook available. Song book contains sheet music, lyrics, guitar easy charts, and topical index.

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